Arts and Crafts: Fall Decorations for Thanksgiving and Halloween

You can feel it in the air: fall is here. Everybody is ready for the color change and cool autumn breeze. It’s the perfect time to start decorating your apartment and get into the Thanksgiving spirit. There are plenty of fun and easy crafts you can make to bring some extra holiday flair to your apartment home. 

Much of what you need can be found on the grounds of our community. Take a stroll down a nature trail and pick up some fallen leaves, pine cones, and anything else that has an earthy autumn feel. Other items perfect for fall decorations are pumpkins and dried multi-color corn.

From these simple beginnings, you can make a nearly limitless variety of fall decorations. You could buy a thatched basket and create a stunning autumn centerpiece. You could take the pine cones and make a fall wreath to hang on your front door. In fact, pine cones are one of the most versatile items for fall decorations and crafts: Sherri Osborn from has a long list of clever crafts you can make out them.

Of course, we haven’t even mentioned the other fall holiday: Halloween. Jack o’Lanterns are still the most fun Halloween decorations to make, and kids jump at the opportunity to carve pumpkins. If you want to go the extra mile, but don’t want to resort to store-bought decorations, there are plenty of Halloween crafts to choose from. Head over to Country Living and HGTV to see some fun Halloween crafts to make with the whole family.

Making homemade fall decorations this year is a great way to celebrate autumn’s arrival while having a great time with family and friends. Whether you’re decorating your home for Halloween or Thanksgiving – or both – a little bit of DIY ingenuity will go a long way.

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