Fun and Inexpensive Weekends

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time – and in many cases, you can have a fun-filled weekend without spending any money at all! So next time you’re thinking about going to an overpriced movie, why not gather your friends and family together and enjoy some activities that don’t cost anything at all.

Here are our favorite inexpensive or free activities that the whole family will enjoy on the weekend:

  • Game Night – Hosting a game night at your apartment is the perfect weekend treat. Gather friends and family, grab some snacks, and pick out a few of your favorite board or video games, and prepare to have a thrilling and memorable night.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Scavenger hunts are a classic weekend activity, and for good reason. To spice up a traditional scavenger hunt, turn it into a video competition, with each scavenger team recording themselves performing activities rather than simple finding items. Once you’re finished, watch the results together and get ready to bust your gut from laughter.
  • Volunteer – While you might not think that performing volunteer service could be fun, you’d be surprised how good you’ll feel afterward. Invite family and friends to join, and you’ll all be able to spend quality time together while giving back to your community.

So next time you’re planning to enjoy some weekend fun with friends and family, try one of these inexpensive or free weekend activities – you won’t be disappointed.

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