Culture Shock When Moving

Whenever you move someplace new, it takes time to get adjusted to the surroundings. This is an inevitable process, so try not to get too stressed out when it happens. Instead, take a step back do your best to get to know your new home. Be patient while you’re become acclimated to your new home, and we’re confident you’ll get settled in faster than you ever expected.

The first thing you should know: you’re not alone. For most, it takes about a year to adjust to a new city, especially if it is significantly different than your previous home.

This effect is due to a variety of factors. First, you’re dealing with a new lifestyle and daily routine. You also may not know many friends yet in this new town, and haven’t had the time to get to know your new coworkers or neighbors. Additionally, you have a new living space, which always tends to make us feel uneasy. Finally, you’re left comparing your new city – which you haven’t yet experienced fully – to your old city, where you surely had many fond memories.

But once you realize what you’re going through, it becomes easy to combat this sense of culture shock. To put it simply, you need to open yourself up to your new city and embrace its community. You can do this by:

  • Meeting your neighbors and attending events at your apartment community
  • Visiting local sights and attractions
  • Attending company outings
  • Discovering local cultural events, like concerts or festivals
  • Exercising regularly

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